Panasonic To Add Windows 8 To Toughbooks

Windows 8 Upgrade

Panasonic Integrates Windows 8 In Notebooks

Leading laptop manufacturers Panasonic have announced their new range of Toughbook notebooks, running on the Windows 8 Pro operating system. In addition the company announced that the new Toughbook notebooks will also have a brand new camera technology implemented within them for better utilization of Windows 8’s functions and features. The company has moved on to the latest Windows version foreseeing the end of the Windows XP OSs.

In a press release, the company announced, “With this latest upgrade, business customers can continue to benefit from the rugged and ergonomic Toughbook platform and its comprehensive range of peripherals, whilst taking advantage of the latest improvements in user functionality and the enterprise benefits of the Windows 8 operating system. With Microsoft extended support for Windows XP ending in April 2014, the latest Windows 8 and 7 versions also offer a smooth migration option for businesses. The latest camera upgrade to the Toughbook devices ensures it functions seamlessly in the Windows 8 environment and is optimized for features such as web conferencing.”

Panasonic have already been a major player in the European mobile computing market for more than a decade, just as old as the Windows XP operating system. Looking forward to their Windows 8 transfer Panasonic hopes to provide a long lasting and sustainable product, which employs the latest technology and stays updated for the near future. They have been pioneers in transforming the way mobile workers perform in the workplace.

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Toughbook Notebooks To Run On Windows 8

Panasonic’s Toughbook line of notebooks has been immensely popular due to their high durability and rugged performance, which is backed up by an ergonomic design. It has top-notch features, which include a superior screen viewing technology as well as specially designed docking and peripheral solutions, which meet the demands of mobile workers.

Panasonic later revealed that Toughbook CRF-19, which is one of their top selling products, will now run on the new Windows 8 operating system. The same can be said for the popular Toughbook CF-31. In addition the Field and Health Toughbook CF-H2 and the semi-rigged Toughbook CF-53 will also come preloaded with Windows 8 operating systems.

Panasonic’s move to have a Windows 8 transfer is appreciated by many and will certainly equip their products with cutting edge technology something Panasonic is very good at. The official release date has not been announced but it shouldn’t be too long before Windows 8 replaces operating systems in the Toughbook line of notebooks.