Transferring iPad to Windows 8

iPad has been increasingly gaining importance in people’s multimedia life as one of the most popular tablet computers. But one major glitch experiences by the iPad users is that, when they try transferring the files from iPad to Windows 8 computer, such a thing can’t be done by iTunes. This would mean that it is a bit difficult to backup iPad files, like, videos, music, photos, eBooks, podcasts, audio books and so on to a computer running Windows 8.

However, there is still a means to do the Windows 8 transfer of iPad files to the computer. Let’s go through this method;

  • With the Apple dock connector connect your iPad to computer.
  • Try running the installed software on your computer. The iPad will be automatically scanned by the software later. In the Device list, you will see the iPad icon and its library and playlists.
  • You can press “Refresh” button to update the device list if you want to change your iPad information, such as sync new music to your iPad, add or remove your iPad.
  • Open the playlist/library that you wish to export files from and then click the files you want to export in the list of files.
  • To start exporting files, click icon.
  • You can right-click to export the selected files by choosing “Export checked“, or you can also select/unselect files by right-clicking.
  • You can set the output folder to meet your needs with iStonsoft iPad to Computer Transfer by clicking “Advance” – “Options” from the main menu.

Advanced information on transferring iPad to Windows 8 computer

To sync music, photos, books, apps and so on from iOS devices to computer, iCloud can help the iOS users. However, it is not possible to sync videos from iOS devices to computers currently. From iPad to Windows, if you want to sync files, especially videos, for backing up or restoring these files, then all what you should have is the iPad to Computer Transfer software.

So, this is how you can sync your iPad contents with your Windows 8 PC, or how you can transfer or back up the files in your iPad to your Windows 8 PC. That’s all the help you will need. Thank you.