The new File system used in Windows 8

In Windows Server 8, file servers that improves on NTFS are given a new file system called ReFS (Resilient File System). ReFS include many new features like enhanced reliability for on-disk structures, built-in resiliency, compatibility with existing APIs and technologies etc. ReFS is intended to convene the present and future needs of Windows storage. Resilient File System has the ability that enables it to store large volumes of data, and handle resiliency to corruption and communal storage puddles across the machines.

Only Windows Server 8, the upgraded version of Windows Server 2008 R2 will include the ReFS.  So that means, most of the Windows 8 users shall not be benefitted from this file system or the improvements brought to it. However, before making it available to the public, Microsoft will test it thoroughly. Pointing that ReFS is the storage stack just like other existing file systems, this file system has also been leaked in the internet market. So that says, this is no big deal for the people who are into stealing. ReFS has its foundations on NTFS (New Technology File System) and is said to be the successor of NTFS in Windows 8 server.

Windows 8 File transfer system

Among the numerous new features in Windows 8, is the Windows 8 Transfer system which has plenty of advantages over other existing file systems, making it superior among these. All forms of disk corruption, data transfer, data spring support for performance, and copy-on-write which is a write model in Windows8 are detected by this Windows 8 file transfer technology. Microsoft used this Copy on Write concept and Volume shadow copy in its SQL server products that enables to take very quich snapshots of very large data sheets.

Nevertheless, ReFS in Windows 8 also have certain drawbacks. The major ReFS drawbacks are that it cannot be used on a removal media like USB or CDs and it can’t be used to reboot an operating system. For now, Resilient File System is just designed only with the aim of storing data in Windows 8 operating system. The ReFS is now going to be released as a part of Windows Server 8.

Until the final version of the operating system is out in the market, nothing can be finalized about its success and performances. After all, the users are the one to decide in spite of all forward pulls for this new OS.