Pause a copy in progress in Windows 8 transfer of files

Microsoft introduces its latest OS Windows 8 keeping system requirements either flat or reducing them over time. Windows 8 is expected to run on any type of device including tablets, older desktops, new laptops, and everything in between. The system will literally allow users to not have to change their interface or get used to a different OS no matter what device they choose to work from. For businesses, this means that virtual offices will be easier to operate and manage.

Being in the existing requirements, Windows 8 still have varieties of new and awesome features. The Windows 8 transfer is one among these super flexible features of Windows 8. If you are frustrated with the file transfer dialog in Windows, you will be happy to find that this part has been improved with Windows 8 transfer.  With Windows 8 transfer you are going to experience the most convenient, easy and flexible means of file transfer.

Windows 8 transfer via Windows share

Microsoft has created a brand new way of sharing or transferring information between applications in Windows 8, a mechanism called Windows Share. The new dialog for Windows 8 transfer addresses all previous file transfer woes. The speed of transfer is also better in Windows 8 transfer. Windows share is basically Windows 8 transfer technology with which apps will be able to share text, bitmaps, HTML, files, and other types of data.

Things can get pretty slow when multiple files are being copied in/out of computer and at times when the computer is needed to be used  for something more important for a while, copying becomes extremely slow. Sometimes the activities or programs get too slow that you wish if you could just pause some activities for a while to carry out the important ones fast. Consider your wish is granted! Because with Windows 8 transfer, it is great to be able to pause a copy session in progress and resume it later. Windows 8 transfer can do this easily through that same window earlier.

So, if you want to hold a Windows 8 transfer job in order to speed up some other activities, you just need to click the ‘Pause’ button appearing in the copy dialog box, it’s that easy!