Microsoft Improves Skydrive’s Sharing and Files Management with Windows 8 Transfer

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word Skydrive, I wish to tell you that Skydrive happens to be a free-of-charge file hosting service that gives users the ability to upload files to cloud storage. You may then access it from a web browser. It is included within the Windows Live range of online services. It also gives users the ability to keep the files private, share them with contacts or make the files public in order to access it you do not need a Windows Live ID.


It gives me immense pleasure in informing you that those of you who are currently making use of Microsoft SkyDrive are likely to find some much-needed enhancements the next time they log onto the cloud- based storage device.


Efforts are being made in order to sufficiently improve SkyDrive. Microsoft has gone on to reveal a series of tweaks that are designed in order to make the site more efficient as well as a user-friendly management.


It is widely known that sharing folders and files on Skydrive has been rather difficult and unreliable in the past. As a result of that, Microsoft windows 8 transfers have sufficiently simplified the ability to share. You need not set up specific folders for sharing. It is now possible to share individual files if you happen to right-click on a file, a popup menu opens up from which you may select the Share command. It will also be possible for you to share a file from a menu that appears as soon as you open that file in your browser.

Let us make use of an example in order to illustrate this. Click on a Word document. This will open it in your browser via Microsoft’s word Web App. From there, you will see that a Share command appears as one of the menu options. This process is also applicable to images, PDFs and a number of other file types. Sharing a file will allow you to send the link to other people. But Skydrive also gives you the ability to share or upload files to Facebook and LinkedIn where you will be able to reach a variety of friends as well as contacts in one shot.

I hope this article has made it clear to you as to how Microsoft has improved Skydrive’s sharing and files Management.