Management of the Favorite Folder in Windows 8

Every PC user is sure to posses some personal data, like favorite pictures, songs, movies, clips etc that they never want to lose. And chances are that you will find this in the ‘Favorites’ folder on the user’s PC and is often used and viewed. Trivial as they may seem, they are data that users can’t afford to lose for any reason (unless you lose it or delete, then you have no one to blame). Windows has some options to manage and maintain your Favorites folder.

Now, about 50% of total command usage is taken up by frequently used Windows 8 transfer features like copying, moving, renaming and deleting. This could be one of the several reasons that led Microsoft into making improvements on various features used for the Windows 8 transfer of files and data. The Windows Explorer program in Windows 8 has seen a lot of improvement with easy management of Favorite Folders. So, it would be one of the first things that you might want to check out as soon as you lay your hands on the operating system!

Managing the favorite folders

One amazing feature of the Favorites section in the Windows Explorer is its presence in all dialog windows about saving or opening files and folders. Customizing favorite locations was a bit troublesome in Windows 7 and Vista. But in new Windows 8, this facility is provided via a button from the ribbon.

You should open the folder you want to add to your Favorites section, click the button shown below and then select “Add selected folder to favorites”. With all these improvements, Windows 8 users will definitely be satisfied with the ease of using favorite options in Windows 8.

But remember it’s just the Developer Preview. I guess all that users can do is patiently wait for the release of the final version of the operating system.