Features of Windows Easy Transfer

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Windows Easy Transfer tool features

Microsoft has made upgrading from previous Windows versions to Windows 7 a bit easier by introducing a tool known as the “Windows Easy Transfer”. This tool helps the users to move data from computers running on older versions of Windows to Windows 7. This will be a very useful tool, especially for those users who are not able to upgrade their old Windows operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7.

Upgrade paths

The upgrade paths offered by the Microsoft are from Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. This means that, if you are a Windows XP or Vista user, who does not have any of these mentioned versions, then you will have to perform a fresh installation if you are to upgrade to Windows 7.


The Microsoft support team sheds some light on the features of this new tool, the Windows easy Transfer. The customers can choose specific user profiles that they want to transfer from the PC running a previous version of Windows to Windows 7. This feature can prove to be really helpful in the case of many users, such as families or companies, where it is required to transfer only a part of the user account to the new operating system.

Take an example of a typical scenario in a family. If the family buys a new computer, the old computer usually ends up with the kids.

Microsoft support

Windows Easy Transfer tool features

In such a situation, only a part of the data needs to be transferred and in such cases, this feature comes in handy.

Another cool aspect of this handy feature of Windows Easy Transfer tool is that, the size of each profile can be viewed by the user. By knowing the size of each profile, the user can now select the data that needs to be transferred from one operating system to another.

After a successful session of using Windows Easy Transfer, the user can view the Windows Easy Transfer Reports, which will show all the relevant details about the data transfer operation that took place. If you require any more info regarding Windows Easy Transfer tool, contact the ever reliable Microsoft support team, as they will be able to provide much more details regarding this tool.