Backing Up and Restoring Windows 8 with RecImg Manager

Windows 8 Installation, RecImg Manager

Restoring Windows 8 with RecImg Manager

For those of you not familiar with RecImg Manager, it is but a free program that has been designed with the sole aim to function as a manager in backing up and restoring your Windows 8 Installation and other installed softwares. And as such, the RecImg Manager can perform the same operations without affecting any of your personal files and data.

Now, whether it is that your system has been corrupted by unwanted external agents such as Malware, Viruses or even system errors, the same program has the ability to refresh your computer and set it back to its operational duties.

Many of you might already be aware of several back and recovery utilities for your computers. However, with time and prolonged use, you might as well notice that they aren’t exactly very efficient. This is because, the same backup files are typically huge, and owing to this, the whole recovery process can sometimes consume several hours in dealing with the sheer volume of data being dealt with.

This is where RecImg Manager enters the picture. The developers behind it have already claimed it in having the most simplified backup and recovery process as compared with others tools available in the market at present.

Features according to the Developers

According to them, the RecImg Manager actively creates a backup snapshot of just your Windows 8 installation along with other installed softwares as opposed to the entire disk. This in turn makes the recovery process significantly quicker as the RecImg program only reinstalls your programs and not all of your personal files.

In addition, the backup snapshot is significantly smaller to the others. Not to worry though, because all of your music, pictures, videos and other files will remain untouched on your system throughout the recovery process.

Windows 8 Installation, RecImg Manager

Restoring Windows 8 with RecImg Manager

According to Cope, the RecImg Manager is to be released to early Windows 8 adopters.

Moreover, they have stated, “We can now begin planning how we can use RecImg Manager to reduce costs and improve efficiency at home or on their networks. Finally, we will now be able to improve and build upon the feedback from such early adopters in further improving and building variations of the software so as to meet their demands.”

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