How To Use The Windows Easy Transfer Program

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Windows Easy Transfer utility is a program that helps to transfer data files and settings from one computer to another. Here are a few tips to use the utility for Windows 8 transfer.


  • Go to the Microsoft Download Center website and install Windows Easy Transfer program on your computer running on Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • Start both the computers, login with Administrator account, and determine the transfer method.
  • You can use either of the three modes of transfer,
    • Easy transfer cable that connects both the computers together to simplify the process.
    • A network to which both the computers are connected, with a Windows Easy Transfer key to protect files and settings while transferring, or
    • A USB flash or external hard drive with adequate space, that is compatible to both the computers.
  • Run an antivirus and antispyware scan on the old computer before starting the transfer, and scan the new computer after the transfer process is complete as well; to make sure that no malicious programs are transferred.
  • To start the transfer, go to the new computer and open the Start menu. You can either enter Easy Transfer in the search box to look for it, or open the Apps menu and click on Windows Easy Transfer link. Enter the administrative password if prompted.
  • In the welcome screen of the Windows Easy Transfer window, click Next. Choose the mode of transfer, and opt for This is my new PC option.
  • Select the operating system of your old computer.
  • Go to Windows Easy Transfer on your old computer. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can use the search function to look for the program entering Easy Transfer in the search box.

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  • Windows Vista users; open the Start menu and go to the Accessories link in the All Programs menu. Open System Tools and click on Windows Easy Transfer. Windows XP users can find the Windows Easy Transfer option included in the All Programs menu.
  • Click Next on the welcome screen of the utility, and opt for the same mode of transfer as selected in the new computer and follow the on-screen instructions to move on.
  • Windows Easy Transfer would run a scan on your computer and would automatically select all the user accounts, file types, and programs settings to transfer.
  • You can opt for Customize option to select specific files to transfer.

After the Windows 8 transfer process is complete, you can go to the See what was transferred link in the utility to check the list of settings and data files transferred to the new computer.