How To Transfer Files From Your Old PC To A New Windows 8 PC

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If you have purchased a new Windows 8 computer, you would want to move the files from your old computer to the new one. Although Windows tech support provides assistance in the Windows 8 transfer, you can also try the following methods to transfer the items to your new Windows 8 PC.

Easy Transfer Program

  • The easiest way is to use this program, which would help you to easily install the Windows Easy Transfer Program onto your old PC. This program would help you to transfer the files to a new PC using a portable drive.
  • For this, you need to connect the Easy Transfer cable between the two PCs’ USB ports, after you run the Windows Easy Transfer Program on both your PCs.
  • Here, you just need to select the files and click on the Transfer button. All the files would be copied and transferred to your own Windows 8 PC.


  • Here, you can transfer the data from your old computer by running the Windows Easy Transfer Program, and following the steps to transfer the data by network. You would get a six-digit key here to write down.
  • Now, you need to enter the same six-digit key in your new PC, so that the two PCs connect through the same network.
  • Now, you can select the files that you would like to transfer, by being on the new Windows 8 PC itself. Once you click on the Transfer button, the files which you have selected would get copied, and moved to your new Windows 8 PC.

External Hard Disk

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  • In this method, if the program asks whether you have already copied your old PC’s files to the external hard disk, you need to choose the option No.
  • Now, from your old PC, you need to run the Windows Easy Transfer Program and follow the instructions to select transfer by external hard disk. Now, you can select the options for the Windows 8 transfer.
  • Once, the transfer of the files to the hard disk is finished, you can unplug the drive from your old PC and plug it into your new PC. Now, on your new PC, browse to the saved files and click on the Transfer button.

These are some of the methods using which you can easily transfer the files from your old PC to the new Windows 8 computer. For more assistance, please contact our technical support team.