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File sharing is an important aspect of any business and if your business utilizes Skype and if your operating system is Windows 8, you are by now already annoyed with the inability of Skype to transfer or share files. However, it is time to forget all the inconveniences and get ready for the new Skype for Windows 8 featuring file sharing abilities for Windows 8. The new feature helps Windows 8 transfer of files with ease and convenience.

The new version of Skype was launched on October 2012 after the release of the much-awaited operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8. The desktop versions of Skype already have this feature; however, this version was not available for Windows 8 users. The new application is specifically designed keeping in mind the touch screen features of Windows 8. If you do not intend to transfer files, you still have the option to maintain the older versions of Skype for desktop computers.

Features of Skype for Windows 8

In addition to the file sharing features of Skype for Windows 8, all other features remain same and users can still connect with each other through video call or a chat. The new feature is extremely helpful for businesses whose employees depend on Skype for communication with their colleagues and clients. With the new feature, they can easily transfer files and presentation materials and documents with any other Skype users.

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Added Features

Added features of Skype for Windows 8 include high stability and high performance. This will decrease the loading time for Skype. Now Skype starts up in no time and you can log in and stay connected with others swiftly. Skype has also announced that you can expect updates to the new Skype, which will include all the features that were previously available with the other Skype versions.

You can install the new Skype in any Windows 8 versions and it does not matter if you have used a Windows 8 transfer pack for the upgrade. Please note that Skype for Windows 8 is an entirely redesigned product and is not just an update from the previous versions. This exclusive Skype version for Windows 8 is extremely helpful for business houses that depend on Skype.

Skype 1.5 is available for download at the Windows Store. So, if you have installed the new Windows 8 operating system on your computer, try out the new Skype for Windows and get all the added features.