Getting Started With Microsoft Office Communicator

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Microsoft Office Communicator is an instant messaging program used with Microsoft Lync server. Office communicator is basically an enterprise software that offers tools focused on serving business users. This Microsoft chat program allows setting of various rules that facilitate daily schedule in a corporate environment. Here is a brief synopsis of the rules in Microsoft Office Communicator.

To get started with setting rules, click on the Actions button in the Microsoft Office communicator window and select Options from the resulting menu. Click on Rules link, and mark the checkboxes against the desired rules to set.

As with any other instant messaging program, Microsoft Office Communicator allows you to set your presence status and inform your contacts whether you are available for communication or busy at the moment. While setting the rules, you have the options to enable the chat program to change your status automatically.

For instance, your presence status changes to Away by default if the computer is kept idle for around five minutes. This duration can be extended while setting the rules. Likewise, you can also opt for changing the presence status to Do Not Disturb when you maximize an application on your computer screen. Apart from that, when you have set the normal status as Do Not Disturb, the same can be automatically changed for your phone communication status.

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Microsoft Lync instant messenger

The Microsoft chat program works with Microsoft Outlook email client to access the Calendar, Contacts, and other required information. If your Outlook calendar status is set to Out of Office, you can set a rule to update the same automatically in Office Communicator. You can also set rules for changing the instant messenger status as per the events listed in Outlook calendar.

You can also set rules in the Microsoft Office Communicator to notify you via an email when you miss a phone call in the app. The same feature can be used to be aware of the forwarded calls by the Microsoft chat program. To enable call forwarding, select Call Forwarding option in the Office Communicator main window and click on Call-Forwarding Settings, followed by Do the following when I get calls and Forward to my voice mail, a number or a contact. Enter the number to forward the calls to, and click OK to finish the setup.

The above information on setting rules in the Microsoft Office Communicator show you how to customize the program as per your needs. For any further help with the instant messaging program, contact our tech support team.