Changing Your Windows 8.1 Account To Local Account

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According to the recent reports, Microsoft added three new security features to their existing customer accounts. These include account recovery codes, recent account activity as well as providing more control over security notifications. The main reason for such an update was because many users who were trying to do the Windows 8 transfer were finding it difficult to change their account to local account. Even those users who were using the latest OS version i.e. Windows 8.1, experienced the same issues without having an email address.

According to Eric Doerr, Microsoft Account Group Program Manager, everyday, many customers ensure more security to their account by activating the two-step verification process. But sometimes, people also lose access to their security info and it is due to this reason that Microsoft has created a secure recovery code to regain access to the account. This feature would be extremely useful while doing the Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 transfer.

As stated by Eric Doerr, “Because two-step verification setup requires two verified pieces of security information, like a phone number and email address, it will be a rare occasion when both options fail, but in the event they do, we’ve got you covered. Anybody can add a recovery code to their account (even if you don’t turn on two-step verification). Your recovery code is like a spare key to your house – so make sure you store it in a safe place. You can only request one recovery code at a time; requesting a new code cancels the old one.”

Security Features

                  Windows 8 Upgrade

This latest option, according to Windows technical support team, will enable the users to view their recent account activity and also when the account was accessed. In case, when a user sees a login that wasn’t made by him or even a different IP address accessing the account, he just needs to click on the sign-in option and then select the This wasn’t me button. You can use this option in a number of cases and that include unsuccessful sign-in, reset password, two-step verification turned off and much more. In case if you’re not able to enable the two-step verification process, contacting the windows technical support would be the best option.

Using this two step verification method has its own benefits and if you have activated one, you don’t require having your account tied to a Microsoft account or any other email address. For more information on these features, you may contact our technical support team.

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Steps To Transfer Modern UI Style Apps From Windows 8 Release Preview To Windows 8 Pro

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Most of the computer users who were using the release preview and beta versions of the Windows 8 operating system and have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro might have noticed that none of the modern user Interface style apps, which they installed on the previous versions were transferred. If this was a long list of applications, installing all of them again one by one from the Store can take much time. This article discusses the steps to transfer or install the Modern User Interface Style apps from the old version Windows 8 installation to the new one without much difficulty.

You should understand that you would be able to reinstall the applications only if you had linked the Windows 8 account to a Microsoft account. If you have not yet linked the account, first you will have to link the old Windows 8 OS to an online account. You can contact the Microsoft tech support team if you wish to know more on the steps to change a local account to Microsoft account.

After doing that, you will have to launch Windows 8 Store from the Start Screen and then right-click anywhere on the store. You will be able to see a bar at the top of the app after you right-click. Choose your Apps to view all the apps that you have installed and purchased until date. Now you can click on the option labeled Apps Not Installed On This PC from the drop-down menu in My Apps area. If you wish to add an application from a particular device, choose it from the drop-down menu and wait for the app to list all the available apps that you can install.

Windows 8 installation

                  features of Windows 8

Now you can choose the apps that you would like to install individually or go for the Select All option and then click on the Install button. The selected apps will be added to the download queue and will be installed one after another. These are the steps to Windows 8 transfer and managing of all the installed apps on all linked Windows 8 devices. Using this feature, you will be able to use a paid app on all the Windows 8 devices that are connected with the same account, which can be a maximum of up to five devices. If you wish to know more on Windows 8 transfer, you can contact our Windows support desk.

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Windows 10 Coming Soon To Put An End To Windows 8

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Here is some news about the fall release from Microsoft. With the fall release, they are planning to release Windows 10, which will have latest activation schemes that will be able to tie up with the PC more effectively than it could until date.

The well-known Russian leaker WZor, managed to unveil the fact that Windows 10 will soon hit the markets this fall. This person seems to have a good record of all the releases by Microsoft. In a post on Ru-Board in his native language, he mentioned that the latest update would be a major update to Windows 8. However, the update 2 for Windows 8 is expected to be rolled out in the month of August this year for all who have done a Windows 8 transfer recently.

Windows 10 With Latest Activation Options

WZor asserts that the release of Windows 10 would be with major advertising bombardments and a better method of distribution. The latest PC would be released with the advanced activation schemes that would tie the OS more closely with the computer. The users will have to sign in to Microsoft store when trying to download Windows 10, but the users would not get an activation key. Moreover, Windows 8 will have no more updates past the Update 2 that is due this month but they will not have any latest features added to it.

The stimulus behind the latest activation method is due to problems in china. A few weeks ago, China banned Windows 8 in the country. WZor asserts that Microsoft has plans to announce the release of Windows 10 at the conference called the Worldwide Partner Conference at the Washington D.C. Nevertheless, this claim by WZor went missing but WZor assured that the latest operating system would be rolled out this fall.

Activation Schemes

Windows 7 Help

Windows 10 To Fit Every Device

The Russian leaker WZor said that the features like Start button would be brought back in Windows 10. Another report claims that the operating system will have all the features loaded into it, which will help to work with the device more closely. When the device is connected with a keyboard, the device would have a desktop user interface. Moreover, it lets users work on the touch user interface when it does not detect a keyboard connected.

It is expected that Windows 10 would end the era of Windows 8, so people who are planning for a Windows 8 transfer are suggested to wait until the release of the same.

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Features Of Encore™ Mini Wt7-C16 Tablet

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Tablets can be called as mini computers as they perform most of the functions of a computer. The major advantage of using a tablet is that they are lighter than a laptop and are more convenient to carry. Almost all hardware manufacturers have come up with different tablet models over the past few years. One such manufacturer known for making quality products, Toshiba, has also released a new tablet model called Encore mini WT7-C16.

So, what makes this tablet so special? It is the large number of features integrated in the tablet and its affordable pricing. Let us go through the various features of this model in detail below.

Operating system

Encore™ mini WT7-C16 comes with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. Therefore, if you are looking for a Windows 8 transfer, this tablet is for you. It is one of the few tablets in the market, which has the latest operating system from Microsoft preinstalled in it. The operating system has Bing included in it as an additional feature.


The tablet is equipped with Intel’s Atom processor with model number Z3735G. It has a speed of 1.83 GHz and a cache memory of 2 MB.


There is a primary camera and a secondary camera on the device. The front cam is capable of shooting pictures at 0.3 MP resolution, while the rear camera has 2 MP resolution. The front cam also has a microphone attached to it that helps in video chatting with clarity.


The product has 1 GB of RAM, which will help in the smooth running of apps without lag.


The device has a screen size of 7 inches. The capacitive multi touch display would help you to slide over the contents without difficulties. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Atom Processor

              Windows 8 Upgrade


The device features the latest Bluetooth v4.0 in it. It supports Wi-Fi wireless networking. Even though the device has only a micro USB port, you can attach your normal USB devices as the package includes a USB to micro USB cable.

Other features

The device comes with a preinstalled version of Office 365 Personal. This Office Suite should be handy if you are a professional. The various ports in the device include Micro USB 2.0, card slot for memory card and headphone jack.

Now, when it comes to pricing, the product can be yours for just 119.99 dollars. The affordable pricing of the product clearly gives it an edge over its competitors. So, if you are planning to make a Windows 8 transfer with a new device, go for the Toshiba Encore™ mini WT7-C16 Tablet.

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Fast File Copy For Quick Data Transfer In Windows 8 And Windows 7

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Compared to Windows XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7 has a rather faster file copying system. Nevertheless, when you have a bulk of data to transfer from your PC to an external data storage device or to other folders, the inbuilt file copy utility appears to be relatively slower. Thankfully, there are a number of third party file copy programs to help you make the file transfer quicker. In this post, we discuss one of such applications called Fast File Copy.

Fast File Copy

Fast File Copy is an application exclusively meant for data transfer between PCs and external storage devices or folders. It can help you save more than half of your precious time which you may have to spend if the built-in file copy utility is used. The application is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and can effectively moonlight as a better alternative for Windows 8 transfer.


If you are wondering in what way Fast File Copy differs from other data transfer programs including the built in Windows 7 data transfer utility or Windows 8 transfer, let me give you a brief account on the key features of the program.

Simple User Interface

Fast File Copy has a very simple user interface that anyone can understand easily. Even if you are a novice to using this application, you will feel like a veteran.

High speed

As you can infer from its name, Fast File Copy ensures high speed data transfer.

Multiple options

If you wish to pause data transfer in the middle, for one or the other reasons, there are options for it in Fast File Copy. If you decide not to transfer data during the transfer process, you have the option to cancel it as well.

High-End system requirements not mandatory

File Copy Programs

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Fast File Copy can work better if you have high end system configuration. Nonetheless, it is not a mandatory requirement. With low end hardware features, you can experience high speed data transfer through Fast File Copy.

Option to view folders through Windows Explorer

While using Fast File Copy, it is possible to view the status of copying or the folders to which the files are copied directly from Windows Explorer. For this, simply open Windows Explorer.

With its good features and simple user interface, Fast File Copy has turned out to a top rated data transfer application for Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a chance.

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