Sony Comes Up With New Windows 8 Laptops

Windows 8 Transfer

Windows 8 Tablets

Sony has now come up with Windows 8 laptops and there is a wide range available for the different needs of the customers. We all know that the Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft has been the center of attention for some time. The traditional computer users were very much dissatisfied with the Metro user interface and the absence of the Start button in the operating system.

Sony has now launched laptop models that are powered by the Windows 8 operating system and their laptops were selling good in the market since the launch. Sony has the first choice and preference of many as they know that these laptops are much reliable and that these laptops will give you the best service.

One of the models of the Sony Laptop series that is powered by the Windows 8 operating system is the Sony’s Vaio Duo 11. This is not just a laptop, it is partly a laptop and partly a tablet. This device is made with a hybrid factor and also features a touch enabled monitor that is best for the Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 Laptops

Windows 8 Computers

The other features of the laptop include an 11.6-inch LCD screen and it comes with the latest generation of Intel Core Processors. The device also features a digitizer stylus pen and this accessory makes the device a unique piece. The stylus allows the users to write on the touch-enabled screen very easily.

The stylus also has a swappable pen tip and the users can select from hard to soft and use the one that they like. There are other models also from Sony that are powered by the Windows 8 operating system. The E series from Sony is also powered by the Windows 8 operating system. The E14P and E 17 Laptops from Sony are Windows 8 laptops. The E14P laptop has a touch screen but the other one does not have this feature. The E14P has a 17-inch screen and offers a great resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

There are different sizes of laptops available and the users who are planning to do the Windows 8 transfer can choose one among the many. If you are not satisfies with the features of Windows 8, instead of opting for the Windows 8 transfer, you may wait for the official release of Windows 10.

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How To Transfer Data Between Windows 8 And IPad?

Windows 8 Transfer

Windows 8 Features

According to some recent surveys, iPods and iPads have become more common than ever before. They boast better battery life and good entertainment. IPad is an all in one device for watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading eBooks or whatsoever. Nevertheless, you can’t totally depend on iPad for everything. For productive tasks, you would need a PC with either Windows, OS X or Linux. In terms of popularity and number of compatible applications, Windows stands out from its competitors. With a Windows PC, you can even transfer data with an iPad.

How to transfer data between Windows 8 PC and Apple iPad?

You can transfer your desired piece of music, video, PDF, ePub, photo or movie from the PC to your iPad. It is also possible to transfer files the other way, from iPad to the PC. Nevertheless, there are reports that there is no direct option for synchronizing the music library. If music library synchronizing is what you are really looking forward to, do not worry. There is a very simple solution for this.

With this simple solution, you can sync your favourite memo, photo, video, music etc in the PC with your iPad. This method can be used with both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro for data syncing with iPad and iPod. The steps that you need to work out to enable this Windows 8 transfer feature is as follows.

Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 Operating System


  • Establish connection between your Windows 8 PC and the iPad. When the connection is established, a new window will be opened. You can find all details about your iPad in this window. The details include the version, configuration, model number, serial number of the iPad etc.
  • Now, start transferring the files. Let’s first see how to transfer music files from iPad to your Windows 8 device.
  • Go to the left side of the window and select the Music category. This will populate a list showing all the music files you have in the iPad.
  • Highlight the music files that you wish to transfer and select the option that says Export files to PC.
  • You will be prompted now to specify the destination folder in your Windows PC to keep the copy of these files.

The major highlight of Windows 8 operating system is its integration of Windows 8 transfer feature. With the help of this feature, data transfer and syncing between/with other devices becomes easier.

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Windows 8 Transfer Is Easy Now

Windows 8 Transfer

Windows 8 Features

When Windows 8 was launched more than two years ago, Microsoft had projected it as the next big thing to watch out for in the tech field. The highly advanced features of the OS attracted a large number of users and most of them had even planned dumping their computers, which ran on XPs and 7s.

However, after it was launched, the same users who had opted for the Windows 8 upgrade retracted and switched back to Windows 7 and XP. The main reason for such a unanimous rejection of the touch-centric OS was the fact that it did not have the basic options such as the Start Menu. Moreover, several users also called up tech support services as they did not know how to do functions such as Windows 8 transfer to a new computer.

If you are also looking for an option related to the transferring of data from your Windows 8 computer, the following tools can help you out with the purpose.

  • ODX or Offline Data Transfer technology
  • ZPOD or Zero Power Optical Disk Drive


This advanced technology has increased the data transfer speed in the Windows 8 computers as it uses a unique token based system to reduce the workload on the front end client server model. This can be beneficial especially in Windows 8 systems because it allows the users to move data across several Virtual Hard disks or VHDs as well as among the Server Message Block shares and physical disks in the system. With this technique, it becomes easier for the users to do the Windows 8 transfer as storage options help in the continuous migration of data both within as well as between various devices. For using this technology, you need to have the following requirements:

Storage devices that are compatible with T10 XCOPY Lite specification and Windows 8 or Windows server 2012 installed on the computer.

Windows Server 2012

Windows Operating System


This feature helps in reducing power consumption. If there is no media present in the optical disk drive, the operating system would turn off the power to it. For using this technology, the basic requirement is an optical drive with Slimline SATA or Serial Advanced and Technology Attachment connector.

These are the technologies that you can use for transferring Windows 8 among computers. To get more information on the features of the operating system, you may contact our tech support team.

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Customizing Windows 8 To Work The Way You Want

Windows 8 Transfer

Windows 8 Download

Windows 8 is one of the latest operating systems from Microsoft. Windows 8 is the successor to Windows 7, but did not do well since it was overly touch centric. If you have completed the Windows 8 transfer, it is now time to customize the same to work according to your wish. Moreover, there are plenty of options available with Windows 8 in order to customize it. Here are some of the top reels of Windows 8 customization features that might interest you.

In case you do not like any of the Windows 8 apps such as photos, calendars, contacts and mail, you have alternative options. There are alternative apps for the same. Though these are not touch friendly or as good as the actual Windows 8 apps, they help you get the job done. The old fashioned desktop version might not be appealing but it can help you to do what is required. The best thing is that all these alternative apps are available free of cost. You can find these alternative apps with Google, iPad and Windows as well.

In case you want to increase your productivity, want every feature in the computer to work instantly, you can customize accordingly. Instead of setting the usual password with alphanumeric numbers, go for a picture password. This will help you to avoid typing mistakes and mismatch passwords. Change the browser to increase your browsing speed. Internet Explorer 10 installed in the computer is all good, but there are better internet browsers available. Most of the users move to Google Chrome. Google Chrome is available for download for no charge.

Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 OS

In case you want to increase the browsing speed, the most important thing is to have a good internet connection. This might require spending a little bit more on the internet charges. Try to have minimal apps installed in the computer. But then, when you need them you have to install them in the computer, which is inevitable. You may increase the RAM space or do a regular scan on the computer if that is your case. Delete the Temp files, cache memory and the browsing history often. Also keep a check on the startup programs that are enabled in your computer. All these would help to keep the PC in its optimum condition.

Since you have done the Windows 8 transfer, you may also try the enriched experience of social networking, which has been taken to another level with the latest OS.

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Using The Easy Transfer Wizard In A Windows 8.1 Computer

Windows 8 Transfer

Windows Data Transfer

The Windows Easy Transfer wizard from Microsoft lets you transfer you files from an older OS to Windows 8.1. At least that’s what the company claims. You even get step-by-step guide as you proceed. But try using this tool to send your files over a network, and it won’t work. This is a common problem.

Ask most people what they think when they hear Windows 8 transfer, and they’d guess it was a way to relocate files from an older machine, presumably running a previous OS. This is what the Easy Transfer wizard from Microsoft claims to do. So you fire up the wizard and configure a connection to send the files over. For this, you type in the transfer key, and authenticate the connection.

After this point, everything works just fine, if you’re transferring to a Windows 7 PC. In Windows 8.1, you get asked a few screens later if you’ve used the wizard in the older PC as well, and get the following two options to choose from:

  • Yes, if you’ve saved your files to an external drive.
  • No, if you haven’t.

Now, for someone trying to transfer files over a wireless network, the second option would be the right one. But choosing it closes the wizard, and you’ll have gotten nowhere. And clicking on the first option isn’t any good either. If you do that, the wizard simply asks to see the file you say you’ve saved to the disk.

File Transfer

Windows 8.1 Computer

Turns out Microsoft has removed the option of Windows 8 transfer over networks, and kept quiet about it. Instead, they’re asking people to use the Easy Transfer Cable. Disk transfer still remains an alternative, and it’s a blessing they haven’t taken that off the menu as well. But considering that most users actually know how to copy and paste files using a hard drive, the Easy Transfer wizard is pretty useless.

Dig deeper and you’ll find the reason why Microsoft stopped supporting network file transfer in Windows 8.1. Apparently, they had a legal problem with that. But this puts most new users at a disadvantage, because bringing files over is one of the first things they’d think to do. In any case, it’s a good idea to back it all up if you do have an external disk. But if you have that, you’d find scant use for the Easy Transfer wizard.

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